AA Allstars
9 Livingstone Street
Dorchester MA 02124
PHONE:617-265-3000 FAX:617-265-6000
Please mail signed contract with deposit to above address

Lease Contract

Event Date:


Pick Up Address:


Phone #:

Cell Phone #:


Special Instructions:

Flat Rate/Hourly:



Amount Due:

Number of passengers:

Pick Up Time:

Event End Time:

No cancellations 72 hours prior of event. All Deposits are non-refundable. All balances must be paid via credit card prior to the event or in cash upon arrival of driver.

20% Gratuity Not Included in Price

I, __________________________________________take full responsibility for any damages done to this vehicle while renting or leasing, and I accept full responsibility for all other persons in this party while renting or leasing.

SIGNATURE: ________________________________________ Date:_______________

Please Note: Alcohol Will Not Be Permitted for Minors

To Be Completed by Driver:

Arrival Time:_______________Drop Off Time:_________________ Amount Received:________________ Cash/Check#_________ (circle one)

Beginning Mileage:                   Ending Mileage:

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